Monday, February 22, 2010


Paul and I have gotten into the habit of peeking in on Veronica every night before we go to bed, to make sure that she has a blanket while the temperatures are still on the chilly side (or so we tell ourselves). She probably doesn't really need us to, she's been sleeping very well on her own for a while now, with or without a blanket. And she usually ends up kicking them off anyway. But there's just something about the angelic face of a sleeping child that is good for the soul.

So we creep into her room at night, and as a result, we've gotten to see some of the most uncomfortable sleep positions that I can imagine. And some nights its just too hilarious not to risk waking her up with the camera flash.

This was from way back when she first started going to sleep by herself at night. Her crib was still in our room at this point, but even many many months later we still find her in this position sometimes. I've never understood how sleeping with your hinder in the air could be remotely comfortable.

This was not a night-time moment (clearly). She was overdue for a nap one day and just collapsed on her little couch. She didn't even make it all the way onto it! She was about a year old at this point.

This was another "I need a nap" situation. I had put her in the playpen with her couch in front of a movie so I could try to get a shower. When I came out, she was out, too! Sometimes you just can't fight it.

This was much more recent, one of our many sneaky visits after bedtime. I don't know why kids just can't lay the long way in their cribs/beds, but she doesn't quite fit sideways anymore. Thus, the emerging feet. Complete with footie PJs.

And again, laying sideways instead of longways. If that isn't a word already, it is now. But not only is she squished in the wrong direction, she is also lying on top of her bunched-up blankets. That would give me some major knots in my back by the morning.

And finally, I don't even know how this happened. I think she must have fallen asleep while she was sitting up reading a book or lecturing to her stuffed animals (both of which happen nightly). But somehow it was comfortable enough for her to stay asleep despite Paul and I laughing next to her crib. Kids are flexible.

We usually let her have a couple of books in her crib to "read" and hopefully help her fall asleep at night, so there are a few times that she's fallen asleep with her face on them. No pictures of that, though. Maybe one of these nights I'll remember to come back out for the camera. It's worth a chuckle or two.

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  1. This is so freakin funny!!! Charlotte has done almost all the same poses while sleeping. Hind in the air and sideways sleeping between the bars. I love your blog story. Thanks for sharing such cute things and the simple things in life too. :)

    -Leah Hawkins