Friday, May 7, 2010

Small Successes, Friday


This is something I came across on Faith & Family Live last week, and it really hit home for me. With being busier trying to mommy two kids, and with my return to part-time work looming next week, I decided it would be good for me to make sure I acknowledge the small things I'm accomplishing, instead of focusing on how messy my house is, the fact that it's been longer than I thought since Veronica's diaper was last changed, and that I keep forgetting to start the crockpot meal I've been trying to cook since the beginning of the week. Of course, this week I am a day late already...but that's okay. This post is about the things that I have managed to do.

1. I worked on my novel this week. I actually got about two pages written. Two pages of rough, rough, ROUGH draft. But still, it's more than nothing. (Don't ask me about it though...I'm WAY too embarrassed to talk about it yet...maybe when it's finished and actually polished a bit)

2. I took Veronica to the park on Monday. I brought Jacinta, too, but she really didn't notice. Veronica, however, was very excited to have some outdoor playtime. This is something that I struggle with, since I am such a homebody, but I had a lot of fun watching her run around and have a good time. Too bad it's starting to get hot now.

3. I have managed to get a shower every morning this week. This is something that is important to me, because I feel like am more productive when I start my day with a shower. Not showering makes me feel lazy, like it's the weekend, and my attitude during the day reflects that. So I've tried to make it a priority in the morning.

So those are my three small successes this week! Hopefully, next week one of them will be posting this on time!


  1. You've got one up on my already. I have not managed to shower every morning this week. Something I definitely need to work on because it makes me feel really lazy as well.

  2. I like this link... good idea to remember to reflect and celebrate. Thanks for posting this.

    1. You are writing a novel?!?! That's exciting, I'm curious to know what your novel is all about. But I'm not asking. ;)

    2. I like that you got outta of the house and felt successful!

    3. Good idea to prioritize what is necessary. I can totally relate to you.