Thursday, July 1, 2010

Small Successes Thursday, July 1st


All of my small successes this week are due to Paul being out of town from Saturday until today.

Wait, that sounds bad. Let me start over.

All of my small successes this week are related to the big success of making it through the week with Paul out of town. I definitely don’t like being apart, and having two kids just makes it that much harder. Thankfully he doesn’t travel often. Anyway, onto my successes!

1. I remembered to feed the dogs every day. That is usually Paul’s job, so I’m glad I didn’t let them starve.

2. During the five nights that Paul was away, Veronica was bathed three times and Jacinta twice. Paul usually bathes Veronica every night since I am frequently attached to Jacinta at that time, but I managed to keep both of my girls from getting too stinky while he was gone.

3. I kept the house relatively clutter free by doing a 15 minute pick-up nearly every night. It’s amazing how much cleaner the house stays when you (read: I) keep up with it regularly.

So now Paul is back and I can sleep soundly again, without the help of a night light.

What were your small successes this week!


  1. Yeorg! I know what you mean about the nightlight. My husband has been working really late nights lately and I can't sleep without all the doors locked and all of the lights on :).

    Congrats on a great week!

  2. It has actually been a semi-decent week for me as well!

    1. I baked homemade yeast rolls from scratch. I used to bake more often before Liam, but now with him always demanding attention, it's hard to find time to knead and shape rolls.
    2. I finally signed up for a 24 Hr Fitness membership, and I've gone to the gym every single day this week. We'll see how long this lasts.
    3. I've actually written a few pages of my dissertation! I've been getting better about using Liam's naptime as research/writing time and just leaving the chores for some undetermined time in the future. I just need to get this darn thing written!

  3. I didn't think I really had any successes this week, besides, ya know, the OBVIOUS of finding out that we're having a little boy ;) but once I sat down to write them a few came to mind...

    1. Did my Prenatal Pilates DVD 3 times this week as I planned.
    2. Wrote up a dinner plan for the week and so far have (almost) stuck to it, had one night glitch where we were supposed to make homemade pizza but SOMEBODY ate all of the pepperoni and didn't tell me OR replace it... and it wasn't the dog... so we opted for Breakfast for Dinner instead.
    3. Started my registries at Babies R Us and Target... it's so much fun, I think I'm addicted already!!!!

  4. It sounds like those were BIG successes. I always sleep with a light on when my dh is away too. :0)