Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Comparison: 5 Months

I’m a little late posting this (again). Even with the holiday I just seem to be so busy! I think I need every other day off. Yeah, I’ll just go propose that plan to my boss.

Anyway, the girls. Veronica is loving on Jacinta more than ever. Yesterday Paul and I walked into the room to discover that Veronica was “helping” Jacinta go to sleep in the swing by piling all the towels from the linen cabinet on top of her. Did I say towels? I meant “blankets”. She also tried to feed Jacinta a goldfish (of the cracker variety). She just slipped it in Jacinta’s mouth like it was a mail slot. Luckily one of my co-workers caught the weird look on Jacinta’s face and we were able to extract the offending piece of food.

But Veronica really does love her sister, in spite of the sometimes inappropriate ways she expresses it. And who could blame her? Jacinta is a real cutie pie. She sometimes “sings” along with us when we are singing Veronica’s favorite songs and giggles when I tickle her. She’s our little roly poly, content to roll around until she ends up stuck on her stomach, at which point she promptly cries until I help her remedy the situation.  And then she is her happy, smiley little self again.


5 Months Veronica 2

Veronica was definitely a chunkier baby. She just had rolls and rolls…and more rolls. (Please ignore my wonky eyebrow. Thanks.)


5 Months Jacinta 2

Jacinta…not so much. She does have a little baby chunk on her, but nothing compared to what Veronica sported. She doesn’t seem to be as voracious an eater, at least not with nursing, so we’ll have to see how she does with food.


5 Months Veronica 1

Their hair is very similar in texture. By this point, Veronica’s had definitely started to lighten up. She also had a bald patch on the back of her head from where it rubbed on various baby contraptions. And of course, she had the dimples. And still does.


5 Months Jacinta 1

Jacinta’s hair has started to lighten a bit, too. You can definitely tell the difference between the ends of her hair and the new lighter growth coming in. But it is still brown. She also has lost some hair around the sides and back, though she hasn’t developed a bald spot. No dimples, but she does have cute little cheeks. Pinch! 


5 Months Sisters 1

Every night when we put Veronica to bed, she likes to have Jacinta lie down next to her for a minute. It’s really exciting for her to have a sister, and I can’t wait until Jacinta is a little older so they can play together. Actually, yes I can - I take it back. I love this age, and I don’t want it to pass too quickly.


5 Months Sisters 2

I also want Veronica to always be this sweet to her little sister.

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  1. So sweet! I can't believe it's been 5 months already!