Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catholic Media Promotion Day

Just wanted to join in the fun and highlight some of my favorite Catholic Media sites.

1. Faith & Family Live: Faith & Family Live is where everyday moms offer one another inspiration, support, and encouragement in Catholic living. Anyone grappling with the meaning of life or the cleaning of laundry is welcome here. Read the blog, check out our magazine, join our community, learn more about our mission, and come on in!

I visit Faith & Family Live every day. There’s always bits of inspiration, nuggets of cool info and food for thought. All of the bloggers write thoughtful posts, whether they are writing about prayer, parenting or shopping! And the community of commenters is always willing to lend a helping hand and a prayer for those who ask.

2. Creative Minority Report: "Believing Christians should look upon themselves as such a creative minority and ... espouse once again the best of its heritage, thereby being at the service of humankind at large." --Joseph Ratzinger

Another daily must-read for me. Pat and Matt Archbold have a wealth of topics to blog about, from serious to hilarious and small snippit to long(ish) essay. You can always count on them to point out something offbeat and ridiculous, and then in their next post to wax philosophical (theological?) about parenting or something similar. Love those guys!

3. CatholicVote.org: CatholicVote.org is a community of patriotic Americans who believe our nation’s founding principles are good and true, and worth fighting for.

The last of my daily reads, CatholicVote.org features a variety of bloggers, including the American Papist, Thomas Peters. Keeping up with CatholicVote means keeping up with political issues that are currently relevant to Catholics. It’s how I get my daily dose of politics, without all the spin and media bias.

There are many other sites, blogs and resources out there, but these are the three that I find myself coming back to over and over. What are your favorite Catholic Media resources?

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