Friday, August 5, 2011

In which Jacinta attempts to crawl to China

July 30 2011 005

Friday was filled with more beach fun. Veronica really wanted to use the boogie board…but I vetoed that idea. It’s a little big for her to handle.


July 30 2011 003

She made the best of it anyway.


July 30 2011 009

Some chose more relaxing beach activities.


July 30 2011 012

But not Jacinta.


July 30 2011 014

Catch me if you can, Mom!


July 30 2011 015

While some of the other kids played happily in the (mostly) dry sand…


July 30 2011 017

Jacinta repeated yesterday’s attempt to crawl all the way to Hawaii.


July 30 2011 018

Hawaii? Fuggetaboutit. I’m going for China!


July 30 2011 019

Nothing could stop her. Except getting hit in the face by a wave.


July 30 2011 023

That encouraged her to try the other direction, too.

I’m going this way!

I was fine with that.


July 30 2011 029

Jacinta was pretty tired after her many escape attempts, and finally fell asleep on me. This was a big deal, as she almost never falls asleep anywhere besides her crib. She must have really been exhausted. Trying to crawl the Pacific will do that to you.


July 30 2011 026

There was more sand play.


July 30 2011 047

And water play.


July 30 2011 054

And wave play.


July 30 2011 069

Good times were had all around. Except maybe by the parents who had to clean it all up after.


July 30 2011 112

Then it was time for dinner. This was the kitchen.


July 30 2011 113

More than adequate, I’d say.


July 30 2011 102

While dinner was prepared, some snuck away for a little quiet time by the water.


July 30 2011 111

But there was playing to do as well.


July 30 2011 117

There was no shortage of toys.


July 30 2011 143

Or games.


July 30 2011 146

I know I’ll get it this time!


July 30 2011 155

And, of course, somebody had to organize the collection of shells and rocks.


July 30 2011 157

Veronica was happy to oblige.

I’m falling a little behind, but there’s still more to come.

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