Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn is a Real Season

Autumn 8

Living in the desert, we don’t have many opportunities to witness the splendor of color that is fall. But this year, our trip to Wisconsin coincided perfectly with the turning of leaves – not to mention excellent weather – and allowed us to enjoy autumn to the fullest. For a few days at least.


Autumn 1

Some of us were just glad to be able to run around outside without overheating.


Autumn 6

Piles of leaves were made to be jumped in, right?


Autumn 7

Without a doubt.


Autumn 2

A new crop of raspberries was ripe for picking, thanks to the great weather.


Autumn 13



Autumn 3

They were an immediate hit.


Autumn 4

Veronica says, “Raspberry picking is Serious Business.”


Autumn 10

Exploration was high on the list of desired activities. Or maybe it was just wandering. With Jacinta, you can never be sure.


Autumn 9

Time was made for wheelbarrow rides, too.


Autumn 11

And what a gorgeous setting.


Autumn 5

Hello, color!


Autumn 12

And this was only the first morning of our trip. Lots of fun and family ahead.

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