Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Stuff

So I’ve been a little remiss in posting again. Life just gets going sometimes and before I know it it’s been almost a month since I put anything up. So, some stuff:


Halloween 001

I said I would try to post pictures of our Halloween costumes, so here they are!

I made my pregnant skeleton costume following the directions on this blog. She certainly got the proportions better than I did, but it was fun trying freezer-paper stenciling for the first time.

Paul made himself an animal attack costume using some stuffed bears that we found at Goodwill. He just sewed them on some clothes and called himself a Zanesville Sherriff.


Oct 31 2011 1082

Here’s a better view of the attacking bears.


Halloween 004

We inherited this dinosaur/dragon costume from my nephews, and to firmly cement it in the dragon camp I decided to make some wings. They turned out alright, but ended up a little heavy because I framed them with old coat hangers. I definitely would do them differently in retrospect. More like these bat wings. But with a split up the middle so the tail would still show. Veronica REALLY enjoyed being a dragon, and was not shy about letting people know what she was!


Oct 31 2011 1074

Last but not least, Jacinta was a chicken. I had originally planned on making her something, but we came across the chicken at Goodwill and just could NOT pass it up. The little tail when she walked…so adorable.

And that was Halloween!


October 15 2011 185

I also realized that I never really finished up posting about our October trip to Wisconsin.


October 15 2011 189

We pretty much spent the rest of the week relaxing and taking advantage of the great weather.


October 15 2011 191

The girls loved being outside.


October 15 2011 194

And hunting for dandelions became a favorite activity.


October 15 2011 218

There was lots of time to spend with family, too.


October 15 2011 287

The last day we were there it cooled off quite a bit, which meant we finally got to use the sweatshirts I had packed.


October 15 2011 286

The cold didn’t keep us from one last run at the raspberry bushes.


October 15 2011 288

It was a great trip!


October 15 2011 299

Hopefully we’ll make it out there again soon.

But for now, this baby is due to arrive any day. Every day Veronica asks if this is the day her baby sister is coming. Soon enough, my dear!

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