Saturday, March 31, 2012


My little pixie Jacinta turned two yesterday.

Of course, I had to take a few moments to reminisce about how much she has changed (and stayed the same) in the last two years.


Apr 1 2010 033

She’s still my laid back, go-with-the-flow gal who cruises through the day in her own chill way. And somehow, despite that, she is also prone to some outrageous episodes of drama. As we like to say, the drama goes from 0-60 in no time flat!

She is definitely a little girl, running around and playing with her sister and cousins. You wouldn’t ever guess that her arm was broken at birth. I’m very thankful for the doctors who helped us through that unusual experience.

Though she babbles incessantly there still isn’t much in the way of recognizable words. They are creeping in slowly but surely. She knows “please” and “thank you” and of course “Mama” and “Dada”. The unfortunate phrase “Go away!” makes frequent appearances. A variety of body parts and animal names. She said her cousin’s name crystal clear the other night, too. So we are making progress, just slowly.


Mar 25 2012 084

We had a little family get-together to celebrate last weekend.


Mar 25 2012 077

I made this lion cake, which reveals all it’s asymmetry at this angle.


Mar 25 2012 081

It was a hit, partly because it was a lion and partly because it had fire on it.


Mar 25 2012 089

It even had a surprise inside!


Mar 25 2012 092

Daddy helped her to get to the good stuff. She’s still a little too gentle for unwrapping presents. Though I’m sure Veronica would have been happy to help if she’d been allowed.


Mar 25 2012 105

Uncle Tyler took some time to point out all the animals to her. Yesterday, we got to play zoo with them.


Mar 25 2012 087

Aunt Bridget spent some time holding Ariadne on her convenient baby-holding shelf. Not too much longer until Brian, Jr. makes his appearance.


Mar 25 2012 101

She also spent some time showing Jacinta one of her new coloring books.


Mar 25 2012 091

Peter made sure he was decked out for the occasion.


Mar 25 2012 099

My grandpa even got to be there, which was very fun and special. Even if we had to restrain a tired Jacinta to get a picture.


Mar 25 2012 114

He kept the kids entertained in a way only grandpas can.


Mar 25 2012 103

My mom got some Ariadne time. Two gorgeous girls!


Mar 25 2012 107

And here is another! Boy, does she know how to pose for the camera.


Mar 25 2012 109

I’m not sure what is going on in this picture. But Veronica is obviously enjoying whatever she is inflicting on John Paul.


Thank goodness for candle blowing helpers!

Happy Birthday, Jacinta! I thank God for you every single day.

Even the ones with drama.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jacinta! What an awesome cake Tori!