Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Weekend

I’m posting this a little late (ha) but I wanted to share some pictures from Easter weekend.


Apr 8 2012 016

On Holy Thursday, Jacinta made her first foray into the pool this year, with Omi’s help.


Apr 8 2012 017

Since we didn’t come prepared with swimsuits, Veronica wore an old one that belonged to my sister Shauna. It’s hard to see with the vest, but with her blonde wavy hair she could have been Shauna.

Jacinta used the floaty suit that my parents always have on hand for the girls. They are always prepared.


Apr 8 2012 018

Jacinta was pretty interested in the water.

Though not very interested in going in the water.


Apr 8 2012 020

And pretty pleased with herself. But that’s no different from any other day.


Apr 8 2012 022

Veronica preferred to be on a raft.


Apr 8 2012 024

If she fell in, she made a quick exit. It was still a bit cold.


Apr 8 2012 025

“I have a crazy sister.”


Apr 8 2012 030

Veronica was okay with the inner tubes, too.


Apr 8 2012 035

Until the vest started to squash her face.

“Help me.”


Apr 8 2012 037

Cousin Lukas to the rescue!


Apr 8 2012 043

Jakob preferred his perch outside the pool, though he wasn’t opposed to putting things in it.

Since my aunt and uncle and cousins and grandpa were in town, Holy Saturday night was Wing Night. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I won’t be able to post pictures of the epic tastiness to make you jealous.

But feel free to be jealous of Veronica’s stomach bug which kept her up puking for half the night.


Apr 9 2012 023

Easter morning, she felt much better. She had been given new life.


Apr 9 2012 027

Determined not to waste it, she decided to become a concert pianist a la Stevie Wonder. Complete with glasses. Minus the blindness.


Apr 9 2012 028

Lots of goofy moments.


Apr 9 2012 030

And some quiet moments.


Apr 9 2012 031

Video games.


Apr 9 2012 032



Apr 9 2012 033



Apr 9 2012 036

Lots of babies.


Apr 9 2012 039

There was even a game of Star Wars. Veronica was the director and also played Luke. Erik was Darth Vader. Epic lightsaber battle ensued.


Apr 9 2012 044

Jacinta stayed out of the game. She preferred to experiment with fashion accessories.


Apr 9 2012 029

It was great having everyone in town. And thanks to my uncle and dad, the door handle of our Subaru AND the A/C in our van is fixed. Yay! Just in time for the heat.

Can’t wait to see everyone again. When they move back here. You are moving back…right???

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  1. Tori- you should have a column in the paper or something. I love your newsletters! Lots of entertainment & good wit. : ) Thanks for including us!