Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fever

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had the TV on more often to watch the Olympics, and Veronica has been really into it. The following conversation may have just taken place between her and Paul during a friendly game of Olympic “ball.”

Veronica: I am the USA.

Paul: Okay, who am I?

Veronica: You can be the English one.

Paul: Ok, I am England. *Turning on British accent* Blimey, pass me the ball!

Veronica: I am not called Blimey.

Paul: No no, that’s just something that English people say.

Veronica: Actually, you are from Russia.

Paul: Ok, I am Russia. *Turning on Russian accent* Comrade, pass me the ball!

Veronica: No no, play in Arizona.

Paul: I should be from Arizona?

Veronica: No, just play in Arizona.

Paul: But that’s the way that Russian people talk. Even in Arizona.

Veronica: No, Russians don’t talk when they play ball.

Then the USA scored a goal, and shared the point with Russia. Everyone wins!

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