Monday, October 25, 2010

Boo at the Zoo!

Saturday we took Veronica and Jacinta to the zoo for their Halloween event, “Boo at the Zoo!”


Zoo 1

Veronica is always excited to see the animals.


Zoo 2

Jacinta was interested in other things.


Zoo 3

Throughout the day, they had pumpkin feedings for various different animals. Not all the animals like pumpkins.


Zoo 5

Like the elephant. She got to eat this scarecrow instead.


Zoo 4

I don’t know what it was about Jacinta that day, but she had an uncanny ability to attract flies. She didn’t seem to care about it as much as I did though.

“Mom, why do you keep waving your hand in my face? I’m trying to get my toes in my mouth.”


Zoo 6

The gibbons had already eaten when we passed by them.


Zoo 8

But we were in time to catch the warty pigs! Not that warty pigs are usually high on my animal priority list, but they were actually kind of cute. Apparently they really like being petted, so when the keeper crouched down they all just flopped down next to her, waiting for their belly rubs.


Zoo 9

Then they got their treats. The keepers threw these paper bags full of produce around the enclosure. This guy went from bag to bag, eating what he wanted out of it before running to the next one. I’m not sure what exactly was his favorite, but he made sure he got it out of each and every bag.


Zoo 10

We finally made it over to the pumpkin patch.


Zoo 11

Veronica got up close and personal with the rhino. Well, his picture anyway.


Zoo 12

She got to see the anteater, too.


Zoo 13

The mandrills had just been given their pumpkins when we arrived. If I had to guess, I’d say they actually like the pumpkins.


Zoo 14

More than the rhinos did.


Zoo 15

They had other things in mind.


Zoo 7

Another fly. They were really everywhere. Well, everywhere that Jacinta was.


Zoo 16

The lions didn’t get pumpkins. Somehow I don’t think they cared.

This is the most alert I’ve ever seen the lions at this zoo. Yes, I said alert. We’re talking about lions here.


Zoo 17

The tiger, on the other hand, was in his usual napping spot down by the wall of his enclosure. I think he is there 99% of the time.

They did a pumpkin feeding for the tiger, but we were all getting tired by then and didn’t stick around. I am kind of curious how they were going to coax a giant cat to eat a pumpkin.


Zoo 18

We passed the giraffes on the way out. They have one of the best enclosures in the whole zoo. Wait…what is that giraffe doing?


Zoo 19



Zoo 20

This was the only time I’d ever seen a giraffe sit like this. Kind of funny looking. He seems like he’s listing to the side a bit, though.


Zoo 21

Veronica is happy to go to the zoo anytime, but it really was the perfect day for it. Cool breeze, warm sun, and lots of fun!

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