Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Sundae Story

We’ve been working on potty training with Veronica. We started a couple of months ago because we were (and still are) having ammonia issues with our cloth diapers and she kept getting these awful rashes. Keeping her in underwear helped it to clear up, and it sparked an interest in the potty for her. It was kind of a slow start with lots of accidents, but once she figured out what it felt like to have to go pee, she got the hang of it. We still have the occasional accident, but as long as we keep reminding her to pay attention she does most of her pee on the potty. Woo!

She would, however, avoid doing number two on the toilet at all costs. She would just wait until we put a diaper on her for bedtime or to go out. Then she would do her business.

Finally last week we had a breakthrough. We timed a trip to the bathroom just right, and Veronica did her number two on the potty! To celebrate, she got a special treat.


Sundae 1

A tasty sundae a la Paul. Do you think she looks excited?


Sundae 3

I can’t imagine why.

The green ice cream is pistachio by the way. She picked that out at the grocery store one day.

“I want the green one!”

Definitely my daughter.


Sundae 5

Jacinta thought she deserved a sundae, too.


Sundae 6

Sorry, sweetie. You are very cute, but you do not get to partake of that particular treat just yet.


Sundae 4

So we are still working on consistency, but I feel like potty training has finally crossed into the land of possibility. And probability. And eventuality.

Which is better than fantasy-land.

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