Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 Years…

May 28th marked our fifth anniversary as a married couple. I think I say this every year, but it feels both long and short to me. Like: “Wow has it been 5 years already?” and  also: “Wow it feels like we’ve been married forever, not just 5 years!” And I mean that in a good way. Married life has suited us both so well, and we are so comfortable and at home with each other, it is hard to remember what it was like when we had to say goodbye at the end of each night. And really, I don’t want to remember. I love lying in bed  and knowing that Paul is right there next to me, and that he’ll be there when I wake up in the morning. Or at 2 am if Jacinta needs a snack, or Veronica needs a refill of her “bink”.

Last Thursday, we managed to escape for dinner to celebrate our anniversary thanks to Mamae and Papae. We went to Rock Bottom Brewery, which is one of our favorite restaurants.



It didn’t take long for Paul to finish off his first glass. We belong to the mug club, so we get extra big glasses when we order beer. Great…but potentially dangerous!


 Anniversary 2

Because I am a bit more susceptible to the effects of alcohol, I drank mine more slowly. I was trying to look sassy in this picture, like “Ha! You finished yours already, but look what I am drinking over here! Bam!” But I think I only succeeded in looking drunk. I wasn’t though. Really.


Anniversary 4

Every time we go to Rock Bottom, we order either Pub Tips with Brown Ale Mushroom Sauce, or Chicken Fried Chicken…with Brown Ale Mushroom Sauce. I was really looking forward to our meal. Alas, it was not to be. They just revamped their menu a few weeks ago, and the Brown Ale Mushroom Sauce no longer exists. Neither do the Pub Tips. There was Chicken Fried Chicken, but I just didn’t have the heart to order it without the sauce. We split a Raspberry Chipotle Pork Chop instead. It was good, but it was no Pub Tips. Curse you, Rock Bottom! Curse yoooooooouuuuuu!


Anniversary 3

Paul was still sad about his empty beer glass, so he tried to pounce on mine. No way, Jose Pablo!


Anniversary 6 

Here is Paul finally cradling his Saguaro Stout. I prefer Raptor Red, but the stout is very tasty, too.


Anniversary 7

As a bonus, it was Thursday Pint Night, so we got a free pint glass each with our beer. Also, we had managed to earn enough points on our Mug Club Card to get a third pint glass. Woo! I love these. Yes…they are dirty. I couldn’t wait to use them, and then I didn’t want to waste precious blogging time actually washing them before I took pictures. Aren’t you glad I have my priorities straight? Me too.

So even with the lack of Brown Ale Mushroom Sauce, it was a fun night out with Paul. I can truly say I am blessed to have such a wonderful man to call my husband. Honey, I love you more than yesterday…

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