Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Diaper Diaries: Suedecloth vs. Fleece

Veronica bumGenius


Check out my guest post at! It’s all about my favorite pocket diaper lining: Suedecloth!


  1. Hi! I just popped over from the Cloth diaper blog. How fun that you are also a faith & family gal! I'm just restarting coth diapering w/ my 22 month old after a 4 month long break due to moving. It'm a hard cored cloth diaperer...but this boy's poopys are usually very strange!! It's quite frustrating. I'm even thinking of asking the doc if there's something wrong w/ him...but most likely that's just how his system works. I just wish his diapers weren't such a mess to clean up! Any ideas/advice?

  2. My daughter's poops tend to be loose as well. I feed her a banana almost every day, and try to limit grapes, raisins and berries as those make it worse. Asking the doc couldn't hurt, as he may have a food allergy as well. What kind of diapers do you use? And do you have a diaper sprayer? That is the only way I manage to clean up the really bad ones.

    Nice to meet you, hope I can help!