Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small Successes Thursday!


1. I made lasagna for dinner last night. BUT…instead of using sauce from a jar like I usually do, I made my own! That’s something that has always intimidated me a little bit. I guess I have The Pioneer Woman to thank since her recipes have made me branch out of my comfort zone. Thanks, Ree!

2. I scored 5 tanks for $2 each at Old Navy this weekend! I actually made myself get up early on Saturday to be there when they opened. I normally hate that type of bargain shopping – the crowds, the pushing and shoving – but everyone was really nice and the employees were very organized. I was in and out of the store in 20 minutes.


Wipes 1

3. I made some cloth wipes out of an old receiving blanket. I’d been meaning to do this for a while because I’ve been short on wipes since Jacinta was born. Now I have 16 more, so that should be plenty!

What were your Small Successes this week?


  1. You are resourceful in so many ways, Tori. I love it! I say you had some big successes this week!

    Here are my 3...

    1. I started scheduling "at home" days and stuck to it. This seems to help create order in the home. I'm happier and the babies seem happier. We were too busy for awhile there.

    2. I am seeing the benefits of Coupon Sense this week. Now that I have more of a selection of coupons to clip and use, Coupon Sense is more fun to use. My stock pile is growing too. My grocery store bills are usually LESS while my savings are usually MORE. Now I just need to find a more routine way of planning my meals, creating my grocery list, clipping coupons, and then finding a good time to do the shopping. Right now it's just here and there. I'm learning a lot.

    3. Charlotte is learning how to sit at the table with a booster seat. I am being consistent with my expectations regarding the way we eat with silverware/plates/cup and using our manners and the way we say prayers. She seems to enjoy saying prayers before we eat. She now often initiates the pray before we begin to eat our meal.

  2. Good job! I loved your article... I want to try cloth diapers and don't really know where to start, I'll have to hit you up for some advice once I get to that point...

    My successes:
    1. I weeded the garden.
    2. I made dinner TWICE - TWO DAYS IN A ROW - in the crock pot (that's huge for me)
    3. I totally reorganized and cleaned out my closet, stored the clothes that don't fit anymore, and hung up a lot of the mat clothes I've gotten (either from others or that I've bought). BTW thanks for the clothes! :)

  3. Leah - that's great about Coupon Sense! It does take some time to get into the swing of things, glad you are seeing savings.

    Kara...I responded to you on your blog lol