Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Comparison: 4 Months

A little late on posting this, what with vacation and all. It’s crazy that Jacinta is four months old already. She is so interactive now, she loves to smile and coo and has even been grabbing for things that she wants (like my face). I can’t wait until she and Veronica can play together more, Veronica just loves her so much. It’s sweet to see them smiling at each other.

Now for the pictures!


4 Months Veronica 2

Veronica – definitely had the dimples! And still does.


4 Months Jacinta 2

Jacinta – not so much.


These next pictures aren’t very similar, but I thought the expressions looked alike.


Dec 7 001

Veronica – enjoying some tummy time. (Please ignore the mess that used to be my “pantry” in the background)


Aug 5 2010 312

Jacinta – her “antennae” had kind of fallen over…


Looking back at the pictures, Veronica was a lot chunkier than Jacinta is. Jacinta has some little rolls, but Veronica was a real chunky monkey! Just look at her:


Dec 7 006

Like I said. Chunky monkey.

The consensus remains that they are definitely sisters, but they each have some defining features that set them apart. Next stop, five months! it’s coming up fast.

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