Sunday, August 1, 2010

Planes and, well, planes!

We are currently enjoying the not as hot but definitely more humid weather of Wisconsin, where a lot of my husband’s family resides. We flew in late Thursday night, and wasted no time in starting the weekend’s events. The EAA AirVenture was on the agenda for Friday, so along with Steve, Becky and my nephews we all headed out to get our fix of flying machines.


Aug 1 2010 025

This is not a machine, but it did fly.


Aug 1 2010 026

Lots of people out for the show.


Aug 1 2010 037

KidVenture, where kids can be pilots.


Aug 1 2010 042

Ready to fly.


Aug 1 2010 045

Tons of fun…


Aug 1 2010 055

…for everyone!


Aug 1 2010 062

Some were interested in the planes, some had other interests.


Aug 1 2010 078

Even I got a helicopter ride. A pretend one, anyway.


Aug 1 2010 080

Michael was helping his cousin catch the bus. So sweet!


Aug 1 2010 091

The blimp made an appearance.


Aug 1 2010 103

Ooooooh! Wish I could remember what they were looking at.


Aug 1 2010 113

You can see Veronica’s head poking up in the crowd.


Aug 1 2010 120

Pointing out the next cool plane. And the shirt…that was a work thing. You’ll have to ask Paul about that.


Aug 1 2010 126

I always thought these were weird looking.


Aug 1 2010 133

A man built this for his grandkids. Just as a wagon, not a flying machine. At least I don’t think it flies.


Aug 1 2010 130

When we saw it, the dog was the only occupant. I don’t think he was a pilot.


Aug 1 2010 142

As the bombers were flying over they had all sorts of pyrotechnics going off on the ground to simulate bombs. I missed the money shot on this one, but this B-17 still looked pretty cool.


Aug 1 2010 144

This veteran played for the fly-over by the bombers.


Aug 1 2010 148

Missing man formation.


Aug 1 2010 151

Thank you for your service!


Aug 1 2010 152

Loops and rolls!


Aug 1 2010 173

Yes…there is someone standing on the wing of that plane.


Aug 1 2010 180

That. Is. Crazy.


Aug 1 2010 183

They even had a sword fight, while flying!


Aug 1 2010 198

Veronica flew a bit as well.


Aug 1 2010 203



Aug 1 2010 215

I don’t know if they were pretending to be planes or animals.


Aug 1 2010 223

Inside the giant cargo plane.


Aug 1 2010 248

Outside the plane. It was huge.


Aug 1 2010 226

Couldn’t walk by without a picture of this one.


Aug 1 2010 230

Tired, but still smiling. Earlier in the afternoon she had actually asked for a nap. I was sorry that I couldn’t comply.


Aug 1 2010 234

On display.


Aug 1 2010 237

There were so many cool planes, it was impossible to get pictures of them all.


Aug 1 2010 243

I can’t believe how close together they flew.


Aug 1 2010 249

They had some cool formations.


Aug 1 2010 252

There is no way to give the proper perspective on this. But it was huge.


Aug 1 2010 256

There was lots of camping on the outskirts of the show. My first thought was “Quidditch World Cup”!


Aug 1 2010 258

The traffic was terrible going North after the show. I was happy to be going south.

It was a fun afternoon. I wish we had had more time to look at the aircraft, there were just so many things to see! It sounded like the vintage military planes were awesome.

Stay tuned for more Wisconsin fun from the weekend and beyond!


  1. That "huge" plan looks like it could be a C-5 or something, isn't it?

    My father-in-law flew planes like that when he was active duty Air Force. You're right...there's no way to give a good perspective on them in the air, but they are absolutely enormous!

  2. What a cool place! Jacinta is so big!