Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Farmer

Aug 8 2010 296

The last weekend we were in Wisconsin we wanted to go to the Little Farmer, an apple orchard near where Paul’s parents live that has seasonal activities for kids as well as super-duper caramel apples.


Aug 8 2010 169

We were ready to explore!

Except that I had forgotten to charge the camera batteries. Oops! Mamae was kind enough to run to a gas station down the road to get some.

Then we were ready!


Aug 8 2010 174

This is the house on the property. It’s been recently restored to it’s original Victorian loveliness.


Aug 8 2010 176

“No Rock Climbing!”


Aug 8 2010 185

I like this chicken. It looks so…elegant. For a chicken.


Aug 8 2010 188

Veronica was excited to see the goats and chickens.


Aug 8 2010 190

Very excited.


Aug 8 2010 198

She got to feed them. Then the goats were excited, too.


Aug 8 2010 200

Dad wasn’t so excited about trying to keep her fingers from getting bitten off.


Aug 8 2010 214

The kind of sign that makes parents everywhere wary. I like how they made a point of underlining “YOUR”.


Aug 8 2010 215

It was actually a really cute playground.


Aug 8 2010 219

Except for the part where the kids can climb up to this platform but adults can’t. The sign said so.

No not that sign. A different one.


Aug 8 2010 220

Trying to coax Veronica down the slide.


Aug 8 2010 224

Unsuccessfully. She’s not big on heights.


Aug 8 2010 225

Sweet little sunflower.


Aug 8 2010 227

I don’t get it. What do you want me to do again?”


Aug 8 2010 230

Even with two people helping, she didn’t get very far. There were too many other things to see and do.


Aug 8 2010 234

Like the tunnel of greenery mosquitoes. Run, Veronica!


Aug 8 2010 237

She liked this chair.


Aug 8 2010 238

For a second anyway.


Aug 8 2010 239

Cute horse swings.


Aug 8 2010 245



Aug 8 2010 252

Bye cow! See you next time!


Aug 8 2010 253

Let me tell you. It was hot that day. Hot and sticky. I don’t blame him for trying to take shelter.


Aug 8 2010 259

Pretty peacock.


Aug 8 2010 261

I thought these bugs were kind of cute. They look like friends. I can just imagine them having a conversation.

So, did you hear about Bob?”

No, what about him?”

Chicken got him last week.”

No way!”

Just plucked him right out of the prime of his life. Not even the fence posts are safe anymore.”

Poor Bob.


Aug 8 2010 268_picnik

Naturally she liked these animals.


Aug 8 2010 270

Finally, it was time for caramel apples. I got chocolate covered sunflower seeds on mine. So good.


Aug 8 2010 274

They went over well.


Aug 8 2010 280

Caramel apples, where have you been all my life?”

Oh they were there. We just didn’t want you to know about them yet.


Aug 8 2010 284

And now that ship has sailed.


Aug 8 2010 291

I’m ready for another one!”

No way, Jose.


Aug 8 2010 293

You can see the sugar already taking effect.


Aug 8 2010 295

Then she tried to escape.

I’m going this way!”


Aug 8 2010 301

Eventually it was time to head back. Because it was summer we didn’t get to see all the fun stuff they have available, like pumpkins and hay rides in the fall, but it was a cute little place to spend the afternoon and Veronica definitely had a blast. I’m sure we’ll be back again next time we’re out for a visit. I need another caramel apple.

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  1. Looks like a lovely day! And that dessert looks heavenly! I want some of that!