Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Baking

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the tasty food that goes along with them. From Thanksgiving until New Year’s there is no lack of edibles, no matter what your taste is. And a sure way to tell that Christmas is approaching is the heavenly smell of something in the oven, that staple of Christmas fare – Christmas cookies!


Cookies 2

This year I decided that Veronica was old enough to give me hand.


Cookies 1

No, the smiles on our faces aren’t because of the six pack of beer that I neglected to move off of the counter. You can see they’ve all still got their caps on. *Hic*


 Cookies 3

Operating the sprinkles was the job of choice.


Cookies 4

And she was good at it!


Cookies 5

A little too good. How do you dispose of excess sprinkles?


Cookies 6

Eat them of course!


Cookies 7



Cookies 10

Jacinta helped by sitting and being cute. She was good at her job, too.


Cookies 8

It’s always been a tradition in our family to bake butter cookies for Christmas, so it was fun to share with my daughter. Just like my mom did with me and my siblings, and her mom before that. And while it makes me miss my grandmother a lot, it’s nice to know that a part of her still lives on with us when we continue to share holiday traditions like this one.

Happy Baking, everyone!