Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

We never celebrated St. Nicholas Day when I was kid, but my husband’s family did.  He would pick out the biggest pair of shoes he owned to ensure maximum space for treats, then set them outside his bedroom door before going to sleep.  In the morning there would be popcorn balls and other goodies stuffed into whatever footwear had been deemed sufficient for the task.

Now that Veronica is getting old enough to appreciate those sorts of things, Paul was excited to continue the tradition, popcorn balls and all. Which is funny because he admits that as a child he felt the popcorn balls took up an awful lot of shoe space. Space that could have been occupied by…other treats. But the popcorn balls are remembered fondly now.


St. Nicholas 1

Paul helped Veronica choose the appropriate footwear.


St. Nicholas 2

Generously sized and  fashionable.


St. Nicholas brought treats!

Sometimes we forget that videos can’t be rotated. Sorry.


St. Nicholas 3



St. Nicholas 4



St. Nicholas 5

Om nom nom.


St. Nicholas 6

What, Veronica? You just ate an orange, a popcorn ball, two packets of fruit snacks and two Hershey kisses? For breakfast?

Thank you, St. Nicholas.

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