Thursday, December 16, 2010

Melia Down

Last Friday night Paul and I headed out to Tempe Marketplace with the girls to see our brother-in-law take the stage. He’s the bass guitarist for Melia Down, a local band that always puts on a fun show.


Melia Down 1

The show got off to a hoppin’ start.


Melia Down 2

Plenty of good dancing tunes. And dancing partners!


Melia Down 3

There was also the added bonus of a little “snow”, courtesy of Tempe Marketplace.


Melia Down 4

“I like…that one!”


Melia Down 5

“No, that one!”


Melia Down 6

“That one?”

Veronica thought it was great, but Jacinta wasn’t sure what to make of it. Actually, I don’t know if she noticed at all.


Melia Down 7

I thought it was really fun until some got in my mouth. Yech! Fake snow tastes terrible.

And, for the record, it got in my mouth by accident.


Melia Down 9

Unfortunately my camera doesn’t do too well with the stage shots. I had this problem last time we saw them perform. So I didn’t really try too hard this time. Obviously. Clint isn’t even in this shot. I think he’s behind an umbrella.

I’m sure they’ll have pics up on their website soon.

Ahem. Moving on.


Melia Down 10

Jacinta got lots of attention, which is fine with her.


Melia Down 11

She was a trooper, it was getting pretty late.


Melia Down 13

Her eyes kept getting more and more glazed over.



Unfortunately (again) night videos don’t always turn out very well…but I wish you could see Veronica’s face more clearly. She was having a blast!

Probably the end-of-the-night energy burst that often comes before bed.

Oh, and the band. She liked the band, too.


Melia Down 12

Hat swap!

It was a fun night for everyone, and we’ll look forward to the next chance to see Uncle Clint and Melia Down in action!

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