Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Random Christmas Takes

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here is a bit of what ours looked like.


Dec 24 2011 057

1. I’ve really enjoyed having Paul home the past couple of weeks. Besides being a big help with the kids, it’s just been nice to spend the time together during the day. He goes back to work on Tuesday, so we’ll see how I adjust now that I’ve been spoiled.


Dec 24 2011 040

2. Through the fault generosity of my mother, we’ve acquired a variety of singing Christmas animals over the past couple of years. I put them on the mantle with some of the other Christmas decorations, but naturally they didn’t stay there long. Jacinta in particular has been quite enamored of them. While for the most part I don’t mind the music, there are one or two that may mysteriously lose their batteries between now and next Christmas.


Dec 25 2011 018

3. Speaking of Christmas, Veronica finally got the dinosaur that she asked to be her prize for potty training. She’s done really well over the past couple of months - though she sometimes has an accident if she is too busy playing – and for the most part she can go number one independently. Barring the occasional gratuitous use of toilet paper or fifteen-minute hand washing session.


Dec 25 2011 022

4. Apparently it is just too much to ask your children to smile nicely for a Christmas photo at church.


Dec 25 2011 020

5. Or to put down the new toy to get a nice dress picture.


Dec 25 2011 010

6. When opening presents Christmas morning, Jacinta felt that the floor was just too uncomfortable. So she got pillows for herself and Veronica to sit on. Ahhh, much better.


Dec 25 2011 034

7. After a lovely Christmas dinner with Paul’s brother and his family, the cousins engaged in a game of knights. Why yes, Veronica is dressed like Darth Vader. Or, as she put it, wearing the black armor. It was a great night with fun had by all.

Happy Christmas week!

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