Friday, December 16, 2011

My First 7 Quick Takes Friday


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I often find that while there are many things I’d like to blog about, my time to sit and write is seriously lacking. So I’ve decided to give this a try, in the hopes that more of the things I’d like to share actually make it up here! Even in abbreviated form. So here goes:


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1. Last night Veronica didn’t want to eat her dinner because she was “too hungry and too tired.” Since I suspected she was angling for another food option, I told her that her only choice was to eat what was in her bowl. So she says, “Can you put some apple in my bowl, please?”


Dec 16 2011 048

2. I am surprised her excuse wasn’t “I’m not hungry”, since she was “helping” me bake yesterday. And to Veronica, helping = tasting each and every ingredient that goes into the bowl. And, of course, licking the utensils afterwards.


Dec 16 2011 015

3. Ariadne has settled into the wake and eat, then fall back to sleep pattern at night. Hallelujah! Here’s to hoping that it continues.


Dec 16 2011 033

4. Jacinta is such a ham for the camera. I tried to sneak some pictures of her putting a burp rag on her head, but the moment she noticed the camera she busted out one of these huge, squinty smiles and said “Chee!”



5. With the help of Fr. Parks at St. Tim’s, we were able to pull together a baptism for Ariadne before her godparents, my brother Brian and his wife Bridget, had to go home. Which was wonderful, since Brian will be headed back to Afghanistan in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the help, Fr. Parks!


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6. This morning I found out that Fr. Santan Pinto, a very good friend of our family and the priest that married Paul and I, died in a car accident while visiting home in India. What a terrible loss for us here on earth. We will miss you, Father! But I know who I will be asking for prayers and intercession now.


Dec 16 2011 009

7. And to end on a happier note: Sweetness!

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  1. Welcome to the Quick Takes family. Your daughters are precious!