Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dec 10 2011 025_thumb

One of the projects that kept Paul and Veronica busy last week was a super batch of butter cookies. It happened in stages, making up the giant bowl of dough one day, then rolling, cutting and baking the next. Finally it was time to decorate!


Dec 10 2011 027_thumb

Veronica was in charge of sprinkles, which was fine by her.


Dec 10 2011 028_thumb

Jacinta got to “decorate” a cookie. Which meant licking the frosting off and starting over again. And again.


Dec 10 2011 032_thumb

All the sprinkles have to be sampled, right?


Dec 10 2011 040_thumb

Done! Didn’t I say it was a super batch?


Dec 10 2011 044_thumb

Along with the more traditional Christmas shapes, Veronica picked out a few others that she liked. Thank you to Deb and Clint for the timely gift of fun cookie cutters, without which this cookie would not have been possible.


Dec 10 2011 048_thumb

Nor this one. Dinosaurs are popular in our house.


Dec 10 2011 047

This fish was the cookie that Veronica picked out to eat first. She took a few bites then set it aside to “save for later”. She still hasn’t finished it. Girl just doesn’t have a sweet tooth.


Dec 10 2011 033

Jacinta, on the other hand…


Dec 10 2011 038_thumb

A fun Christmas baking project. Now what to make next?

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