Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homemade Valentine’s Day

While we don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day here in the Greene household, we do try to steer away from the commercialism that demands spending lots of money so your significant other knows you love him or her. Instead, we traditionally do a little fancier dinner at home and let the kids participate, too.


Feb 15 2012 001

This year, that meant serving dinner on our seldom-used china.


Feb 15 2012 007

Though not everyone got to use the fancy dishes.


Feb 15 2012 012

It meant a fun, pink Valentine’s drink.


Feb 15 2012 014

And Valentine’s clothes, too. No matter if they are decorated with aforementioned pink Valentine’s drink.


Feb 15 2012 010

It meant a do-it-yourself floral arrangement from Paul, since Trader Joe’s ran out of the potted orchids he usually likes to give me (and I like to receive).


Feb 15 2012 005

Not bad for a guy who is partially colorblind. Ariadne approves.


Feb 15 2012 015

It meant a husband who was willing to hold a fussy baby so I could finish my dinner, since Ariadne has a knack for knowing exactly when we are ready to sit down and eat. Actually, he does this pretty much any time she’s fussy during dinner. That is love.


Feb 15 2012 017

It meant heart-shaped cake pops that weren’t perfect but still tasty.


Feb 15 2012 024

And, of course, it meant messy hands.


Feb 15 2012 033

It meant homemade Valentines to Daddy from three little girls.


Feb 15 2012 038

And a little bit of LOTRO geekery from this wife to her husband and best playmate.


Feb 15 2012 030

A fun and tasty Valentine’s Day! Hope yours was just as nice.

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