Friday, February 17, 2012


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The most disjointed Quick Takes ever.



Feb 17 2012 039

Have you always wanted lips like the girls on the magazine covers at the grocery store check-out counter? Well, have I got the solution for you. FATLIP by Jacinta™. Just one application of FATLIP by Jacinta™ will have your kisser more pouty than all the duck face pictures your cousin has spammed on her Facebook page. And no collagen needed! Ask me more about FATLIP by Jacinta™ today! (*Disclaimer: will wear off within 24 hours…we hope).



I started a home workout routine a few weeks ago. I decided it was time to help speed along the postpartum weight loss, since Ariadne is now over two months old and I am still a little ways from fitting into my favorite jeans. Calling it a workout routine is probably a little overblown though, as it pretty much amounts to me trying not to step on, smack or otherwise maim my underfoot children. I think I’ve hit Jacinta in the head with a can at least three times (but that is not how she got the fat lip).



I have cleaned up after more pee accidents this week than I care to think about. So many loads of pee-soaked laundry! I know it is my own fault, because I don’t always remember to make Veronica stop what she is doing and use the bathroom. But please tell me this won’t last forever, and that someday she will of her own volition seek out the facilities when she feels the call. Please?



Please pray for a friend of mine whose father is in the midst of his last battle against cancer. It looks like he won’t be here much longer, and any prayers you can offer to help him in his last hours and also to bless his family would be appreciated.



On a happier note, some other friends have started the journey to adopt a beautiful little boy from Hong Kong. Mike is one of my OBs, and was such a blessing during Ariadne’s delivery, so the least I can do is share an opportunity with you all to help him and his family bring their newest member home. If you feel called, check out Heidi’s blog for ways to help – there’s even a giveaway for an iPad, so hurry over!



Feb 17 2012 023

When these two get together there can be much screaming, but there can also be much love.



I promised Veronica I would help her make an invisible map, so I’ll just have to leave you with this. Happy Friday!

This zebra is dope!

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