Thursday, December 16, 2010

Melia Down

Last Friday night Paul and I headed out to Tempe Marketplace with the girls to see our brother-in-law take the stage. He’s the bass guitarist for Melia Down, a local band that always puts on a fun show.


Melia Down 1

The show got off to a hoppin’ start.


Melia Down 2

Plenty of good dancing tunes. And dancing partners!


Melia Down 3

There was also the added bonus of a little “snow”, courtesy of Tempe Marketplace.


Melia Down 4

“I like…that one!”


Melia Down 5

“No, that one!”


Melia Down 6

“That one?”

Veronica thought it was great, but Jacinta wasn’t sure what to make of it. Actually, I don’t know if she noticed at all.


Melia Down 7

I thought it was really fun until some got in my mouth. Yech! Fake snow tastes terrible.

And, for the record, it got in my mouth by accident.


Melia Down 9

Unfortunately my camera doesn’t do too well with the stage shots. I had this problem last time we saw them perform. So I didn’t really try too hard this time. Obviously. Clint isn’t even in this shot. I think he’s behind an umbrella.

I’m sure they’ll have pics up on their website soon.

Ahem. Moving on.


Melia Down 10

Jacinta got lots of attention, which is fine with her.


Melia Down 11

She was a trooper, it was getting pretty late.


Melia Down 13

Her eyes kept getting more and more glazed over.



Unfortunately (again) night videos don’t always turn out very well…but I wish you could see Veronica’s face more clearly. She was having a blast!

Probably the end-of-the-night energy burst that often comes before bed.

Oh, and the band. She liked the band, too.


Melia Down 12

Hat swap!

It was a fun night for everyone, and we’ll look forward to the next chance to see Uncle Clint and Melia Down in action!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Baking

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the tasty food that goes along with them. From Thanksgiving until New Year’s there is no lack of edibles, no matter what your taste is. And a sure way to tell that Christmas is approaching is the heavenly smell of something in the oven, that staple of Christmas fare – Christmas cookies!


Cookies 2

This year I decided that Veronica was old enough to give me hand.


Cookies 1

No, the smiles on our faces aren’t because of the six pack of beer that I neglected to move off of the counter. You can see they’ve all still got their caps on. *Hic*


 Cookies 3

Operating the sprinkles was the job of choice.


Cookies 4

And she was good at it!


Cookies 5

A little too good. How do you dispose of excess sprinkles?


Cookies 6

Eat them of course!


Cookies 7



Cookies 10

Jacinta helped by sitting and being cute. She was good at her job, too.


Cookies 8

It’s always been a tradition in our family to bake butter cookies for Christmas, so it was fun to share with my daughter. Just like my mom did with me and my siblings, and her mom before that. And while it makes me miss my grandmother a lot, it’s nice to know that a part of her still lives on with us when we continue to share holiday traditions like this one.

Happy Baking, everyone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CSFF: The Charlatan’s Boy

When the offer came for a review copy of The Charlatan’s Boy by Jonathan Rogers, I decided not to take it. I knew December would be a busy month with the holidays approaching, and I didn’t want to commit to a review when I wasn’t sure I’d have time to do the book justice. I was certainly right about December being busy, but…but…after reading just a few of the other blog tour posts for this month I wish I had managed to squeeze it in. It sounds fantastic!

Charlatans BoyTo start, check out Rebecca Miller’s blog where she keeps track of everyone who has posted. She also points out some highlights in yesterday’s post. The author, Jonathan Rogers, has also participated in the tour, which is always fun. It’s definitely worth reading the entries of long-time fan Sally Apokedak (though I skipped out on reading the spoilers for now). And for fun, Matt Mikalatos (author of one of my favorite books we’ve done so far, Imaginary Jesus), writes about a real-life charlatan from American history.

I’ll definitely be reading this book when things slow down a little here. And I may in fact take advantage of the author’s offer of free shipping on signed books to fill in a few holes in my Christmas gift list.

Ok, I admit it. For myself, too.

The rest of the tour:

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Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

We never celebrated St. Nicholas Day when I was kid, but my husband’s family did.  He would pick out the biggest pair of shoes he owned to ensure maximum space for treats, then set them outside his bedroom door before going to sleep.  In the morning there would be popcorn balls and other goodies stuffed into whatever footwear had been deemed sufficient for the task.

Now that Veronica is getting old enough to appreciate those sorts of things, Paul was excited to continue the tradition, popcorn balls and all. Which is funny because he admits that as a child he felt the popcorn balls took up an awful lot of shoe space. Space that could have been occupied by…other treats. But the popcorn balls are remembered fondly now.


St. Nicholas 1

Paul helped Veronica choose the appropriate footwear.


St. Nicholas 2

Generously sized and  fashionable.


St. Nicholas brought treats!

Sometimes we forget that videos can’t be rotated. Sorry.


St. Nicholas 3



St. Nicholas 4



St. Nicholas 5

Om nom nom.


St. Nicholas 6

What, Veronica? You just ate an orange, a popcorn ball, two packets of fruit snacks and two Hershey kisses? For breakfast?

Thank you, St. Nicholas.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Photos

I got my camera back from my parents’ house, which is where I left it on Thanksgiving. So now I can share my favorite Thanksgiving photos.


Thanksgiving 2

A burp cloth can be a bib in a pinch. And a fashionable head covering!


Thanksgiving 1

“Bring it on!”


Thanksgiving 3

Crazy boys.


Thanksgiving 4

Omi and Opa.


Thanksgiving 5

Is Veronica eyeing Daddy’s drink? Or his cranberry sauce?


Thanksgiving 6

Me and my Ty-guy.


Thanksgiving 8

How did I birth these blue-eyed children?


Thanksgiving 9

Veronica had a little of all her favorites.


Thanksgiving 10

And a fork for each different one.