Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Bed!

Due to the generosity of some friends (thank you!) we recently acquired a new set of bedroom furniture for the girls’ room, including bunk beds.

Yesterday we set them up, and last night Veronica and Jacinta got to sleep in them. There was excitement all around.


May 30 2012 032

Her first night in a bed, and she squishes herself into the corner.

I’m not sure where the random clothing items came from, but they are evidence of at least one out-of-bed excursion. We are thankful that was the extent of it. Not bad for the first night free from the confines of the crib!


May 30 2012 035

Though Veronica was excited about claiming the top bunk, when it came time to climbing up a little coaxing was needed. But her initial nervousness didn’t seem to keep her from falling asleep when it was time.

And yes, that is a Halloween pillow on her bed. She also claimed that for herself back in October and I haven’t been able had the heart to take it away.


May 30 2012 036

Dad checking on his girls. And admiring his handiwork.


May 30 2012 037

He was tired after a long day of furniture shifting. There were lots of things that had to come together to make it work!


May 30 2012 039

And as if being in the corner wasn’t enough, Jacinta then had to press her face into it.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Jacinta’s Got Talent

Jacinta has developed a very special talent she would like to share with you all.


May 25 2012 011

She has managed to ensure that whenever she trips while running at high speed – or what passes as high speed for her - she lands on her upper lip. It’s an ability she’s been working on over the last few months.


May 25 2012 010

I’ve kind of lost track of how many times this has happened. Honestly I’m surprised she has an upper lip at all anymore.


May 25 2012 009

But despite the bit of blood ‘n tears and the fat lip, it’s nothing that a little Pete’s Dragon can’t fix right up.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Poo-fect Fit

This came in the mail today, addressed to Veronica.


May 7 2012 009-001

I can’t help but feel that this is a result of last week’s moving tale.


May 7 2012 006-001

Though I searched the packaging, I could find no evidence of who sent it.

So I guess I just wanted to tell that person…Thank you?


May 7 2012 004-001

I think she likes it.

Oh, and she said to tell you, “Thank you.”

And “Rattlesnakes.”

Update: Someone ‘fessed up. Thanks to Erica for the gift!