Friday, September 30, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

It is still pretty darn hot here in Arizona. Unseasonably warm, as some may say. But it’s “cooled off” enough that a little backyard play isn’t out of the question now and then.


Sept 27 2011 002

Please excuse the backyard. It’s a dump. Someday…we will have grass. Which will probably grow as high as those weeds.


Sept 27 2011 022

Until then, my children will play in the dirt and rocks. At least the dog poop was picked up.


Sept 27 2011 020

Besides, they have fun anyway.


Sept 27 2011 006

“Hey, you’re cramping my style!”


Sept 27 2011 027

*Queue Chariots of Fire theme*


Sept 27 2011 032

There are always things to be found in the yard.


Sept 27 2011 044

Oranges are on the list of approved “found” items.

There are less desirable ones, but I won’t go into that here.


Sept 27 2011 049

Spray in the face!


Sept 27 2011 040

“What are you doing, silly Daddy?”

I’m wondering the same thing, myself.


Sept 27 2011 039

Maybe not as refreshing as a pool, but a good way to beat the lingering heat nonetheless.

Even so…fall and cooler temperatures can’t come soon enough for this mom.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun Hat

Veronica recently saw an episode of Curious George in which George, forbidden to touch the Man’s iconic Yellow Hat, decides to make himself a “Fun Hat” of his own. He adds various gadgets that he thinks his pals will like. Then the Man accidentally wears it to a presentation and manages to inadvertently set off all of the fun features while giving his speech.


Fun Hat 1

Taken with the idea of a “Fun Hat”, Veronica just had to have one of her own.


Fun Hat 2

And while it wasn’t as fancy or high tech as George’s hat, it did have a few surprises.

Now I’ll just need to be careful not to accidentally wear it the next time I give an important scientific speech.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The best thing about growing up is…

Today Veronica was asking me where we got some of her clothes from.

Me: We got them from our cousins, Mary Rose, Kaitlyn, Karly and Laina. They got too big for these clothes so they gave them to you. Isn’t that nice?

V: Yes, that is nice. Why did they get too big?

Me: Because kids keep growing until they get as big as mommies and daddies and then they stop.

V: I stopped growing.

Me: No, you are still growing. You will grow until you are as big as me.

V: Then I can drink booze!