Sunday, November 18, 2012

Veronica, Gourmand

Paul and I went on a date last night, thanks to the generous offer from my parents to babysit. On the way to drop the girls off, we were discussing what we would do.

Veronica: Are you going to a restaurant?

Me: Yes! Where do you think we should go?

Veronica: Burger King.

Me: That’s not exactly the kind of restaurant we were planning on. We want something a little nicer.

Veronica: Burger King isn’t nice?

Me: Well, it’s not a nice restaurant for a date. We’re looking for something more fancy.

Veronica: Okay, I have an idea. Pizza Hut.

Me: …

Incidentally, we did not go to Pizza Hut, but to The Original Blue Adobe Grille instead. It’s one of our favorites! When we showed up with our leftover boxes (there are always leftovers, which makes me very happy the next day), Veronica was convinced that we had, indeed, gone to Pizza Hut and was very excited for us to share. Sorry to burst your bubble, honey.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overheard Today

Veronica to Jacinta, who was pretending to be Mom:

“Mom, I had to go to the bathroom. I went to a store that has one, because we don’t have any at home. And look, they gave me this sticker.”

Goodness, I just love the things they say.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Costumes 2012

In one of many Mom Fails I’ve committed over the last few (insert time measurement of choice), I forgot to bring the camera along on Halloween. We were Trick-or-Treating in my parents’ neighborhood and couldn’t just run home to get it, so that meant I didn’t get any good costume pictures of the kids.

Today I “made” them put their costumes back on so we could snap a few pictures.


Costumes 1

Jacinta, put your dress down!


Costumes 2

Silly sister.


Costumes 7

We have Jacinta as a pirate, Ariadne as a ladybug and Veronica as a Jedi.


Costumes 10

The ladybug has been a baby tradition in our house. All the girls have worn it, and it continues to be adorable.


Costumes 17

Jacinta was given the choice of lion (which Veronica wore when she was two) or pirate (which we found last year at Goodwill). She chose pirate.


Costumes 15



Costumes 11

I made this robe for Veronica, who had her heart set on being a Jedi. I originally intended to make her a tunic and pants as well, but that plan did not come to fruition.


Costumes 13

On Halloween she was a good Jedi with a blue light saber, but today she decided to flirt with the dark side.



Ariadne didn’t bring a treat bag along, but Veronica and Jacinta had these. I used this tutorial (with some adjustments) to make them out of an old circle tablecloth that I bought by accident a couple years ago. They would have been easy and quick to make if my sewing machine hadn’t been acting up that day. It’s really my sewing machine’s fault that I forgot the camera on Halloween – I was so flustered when I was finally finished, and it was time to run out the door.


Costumes 9

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!