Friday, July 29, 2011

Beach Camping

The girls and I came with my parents on their annual beach camping adventure to Del Mar Beach this year.


July 28 2011 021

After being in the car all day, everyone was ready to hit the water.


July 28 2011 018

And sand, in Veronica’s case.


July 28 2011 028

Even Jacinta wanted to get her feet wet.


July 28 2011 029 2

Time for fun!


July 28 2011 037 2

And a walk on the beach.


July 28 2011 043

More waves.


July 28 2011 058

And more sand.


July 28 2011 066

Can’t forget the sand crabs.


July 28 2011 071 2

Or the helicopters? That’s what you get when you camp at a military base.


July 28 2011 075

A few more waves before dinner. And that was our first day!

Full disclosure here. Beach camping for me and the girls means sleeping at my aunt’s house. We like the beach…but we also like beds. And showers. Thanks Kathy!

The second day my batteries fell out of the camera in the car and I didn’t realize until we were by the seaside already. That means I missed capturing Jacinta’s many attempts to crawl headfirst into the waves. That girl has no fear! Down she would crawl until a large wave came our way. Then Mommy would lift her to her feet and move up twenty feet or so…and she’d be right back down crawling to the water again. Crazy.

I did recover the batteries eventually and managed to catch a few cute pictures.


July 28 2011 083

Like this one. I don’t know what expression that is, but it cracks me up.


July 28 2011 091

Veronica was already tuckered out by the time I got the camera. She only wanted to snuggle in the towels.


July 28 2011 095

Playing with Omi.


July 28 2011 119

After a tasty dinner – it helps to have professional chefs in your family – it was time to relax by the fire.


July 28 2011 125

And the true measure of success. Another great day!

Getting ready to head out for Day 3 at the beach – stay tuned for more.

Monday, July 18, 2011



Some days are just too long.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Knight 1

The other day, Veronica pulled her arm out of her shirt sleeve and put it through the neck opening.

“This is my Knight Shirt,” she announced.

Then she proceeded to grab a vacuum attachment and mount her mighty steed.


Knight 2

“Are you Lady Tuffins?” I asked.

“No, I am SIR Tuffins!”

Of course. Silly me.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Organ Stop Pizza

We recently had a visit from some of the Wisconsin crew – Paul’s parents and his sister and family. We had lots of fun while everyone was here, but one event in particular that stood out was dinner at Organ Stop Pizza. What is Organ Stop Pizza, you ask? I asked the same question, since I had never been there before.


Organ Stop 11

Imagine a place like Peter Piper Pizza, or Pistol Pete’s (does that even exist anymore?) but instead of annoying animatronic performances and obnoxious video game noises you are treated instead to…


Organ Stop 2

Some guy playing an organ!


Organ Stop 8

Seriously, Organ Stop Pizza features an actual Wurlitzer organ, and it is the largest Wurlitzer theatre organ in the world.


Organ Stop 14

It has not only the organ pipes, which are hard to see behind the windows along the wall, but also things like drums, a piano, xylophones…dancing cats…all controlled by the performer. Wow! It made for some pretty spectacular performances.


Organ Stop 4

Adults and kids alike enjoyed the familiar music, from movie themes to show tunes and beyond. You can even make requests.


Organ Stop 12

Jacinta in particular seemed to enjoy herself, which isn’t surprising considering her fascination with all things musical.


Organ Stop 6

The pizza was tasty, and they have a salad bar as well for those of us trying not to let pregnancy get the better of our weight. Ahem.


Organ Stop 18

We sat upstairs, where it was a little easier to corral the kids. It actually made some of the extra instruments easier to spot, too.


Organ Stop 10

And we got to sit under these cool light fixtures. Wurlitzer. What a word.


Check out some of the extras!


Organ Stop 15

We had to get a cousin picture before we left. Attempt to get one anyway. It is tough to get that many young kids to sit still at the same time. Heck, sometimes it’s tough to get one young kid to sit still.


Organ Stop 16

And, of course, one with the grandparents, too.


Organ Stop 17

A dinner experience like no other, and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon!