Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Many Moods of Moira


When Moira was first born, she spent a lot of time looking like this.

But as time goes on, she has added to her repertoire of moods and facial expressions.



Unhappy. She mastered this early on.






Triumphant. With just a slight change of head position. Such talent.



Cross-eyed. Not a mood, but funny.






Skeptical. Who could blame her after the long-suffering she was just subjected to?





Tired, which makes frequent appearances.


Selfconcious (2)

Self-conscious. Does my hair look okay?



Um…hard-working. Yeah.


Playful (2)



Surprised (2)



Boom (2)



Eh (2)



Hungry (2)




Frustrated. True story: I once walked into the bedroom in response to a terrific bout of screaming, only to find Moira pulling her own hair, completely unable to let go. Did I say once? I meant several different times. You did it to yourself, child.






Proud. Of being three months old!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snotnose the Pirate

Snotnose 1

Who is the most fearsome pirate on the seven seas?


Snotnose 2

Snotnose, that’s who!


Snotnose 3



Snotnose 4

No, Ari – do a pirate face, not duck lips.


Snotnose 5

What, Mom?


Snotnose 6

No, Ari – don’t be super cute. Be super fearsome!


Snotnose 7

Like this, Mom?


Snotnose 8

Not exactly.


Snotnose 10

Wait, I got it!


Snotnose 9

Close enough, Snotnose.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Veronica!


Five years ago today I was looking at this sweet face.


July 17 2013 031 (2)

Now I’m looking at this sweet face. No, not the green one.

True to tradition, Daddy made pancakes for breakfast in bed.


July 17 2013 054 (2)

Then Veronica got to pick dinner. She chose Pizza Hut. I thought about trying to talk her into something different, but she has been wanting to try “Pizza Hunt” for a long time.


July 17 2013 055 (2)

Also by request, cakes “like from Brave.”


July 17 2013 063 (2)

And, of course, the candle must be licked.


July 17 2013 082 (2)

Five! So big. When did that happen?


July 17 2013 077 (2)

Loving daughter.


July 17 2013 084 (2)

Bestest big sister.


July 17 2013 086 (2)

A reason to celebrate!


July 17 2013 069 (2)

Just hoping I don’t turn into a bear.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Scream, You Scream, Babies Scream

It’s my brother’s birthday today! Or yesterday. Since it will be Saturday by the time I’m done writing this. To celebrate, a crowd of us went to the Sugar Bowl.


July 5 2013 002 (2)

I think Ari was in heaven.


July 5 2013 004 (2)

Look at that face! And those eyes! Love.


July 5 2013 006 (2)

Why yes, I did enjoy my ice cream. Or rather, my mom’s ice cream. Which makes it mine.


July 5 2013 009 (2)

Omi got some Moira time.


July 5 2013 010 (2)

Ice cream is more important than saying cheese.


July 5 2013 011 (2)

Cousins. Birthday boy on the right.


July 5 2013 013 (2)

My sweetheart.


July 5 2013 014 (2)

Playing a little whack-a-mole. Er, shark.


July 5 2013 017 (2)

Me and my baby.