Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Retreat

A few weeks ago we escaped the Phoenix heat for a bit of camping on the beach with family and friends.


Aug 1 2012 020

There’s nothing like a little granola and monster trucks in the morning.


Aug 1 2012 023

The cousins were all excited to spend some time together.


Aug 1 2012 041

Dog pile!


Aug 1 2012 044

Veronica was ready to put all the toys to good use.


Aug 1 2012 048

Introducing Ariadne to the ocean.


Aug 1 2012 061

But the ocean is cold, so she decided she’d rather just eat Dad’s shirt instead.


Aug 1 2012 080

The girls wasted no time in getting sand everywhere. In fact, if there was one word that could describe this trip, it would be…sand.


Aug 1 2012 083

Looking for shells and other ocean treasures.


Aug 1 2012 116



Aug 1 2012 123

We got to meet our newest nephew, Brian Jr. What a cutie-pie!


Aug 1 2012 130

Babies everywhere!


Aug 1 2012 147

I wonder what she’s thinking?


Aug 1 2012 164

Paul hacked a cover for the playpen out of some shade screen that we had lying around – it worked great to keep this little girl out of the sun during nap time.


Aug 1 2012 169

Trying to repair the wall that just got washed away. The risk of building with sand.


Aug 1 2012 175

Structures are safer away from the tide line. He got first place in the sand sculpture contest!


Aug 1 2012 183

A team of architects and their Snowy Mountain Fortress Ruins.


Aug 1 2012 217

What would a trip to the beach be without tumbling in the waves?


Aug 1 2012 246

If you get tired, there’s always someone nearby who’s willing to carry you.


Aug 1 2012 188

And at the end of the day, you could pass out and rest up for the next day of fun.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fever

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had the TV on more often to watch the Olympics, and Veronica has been really into it. The following conversation may have just taken place between her and Paul during a friendly game of Olympic “ball.”

Veronica: I am the USA.

Paul: Okay, who am I?

Veronica: You can be the English one.

Paul: Ok, I am England. *Turning on British accent* Blimey, pass me the ball!

Veronica: I am not called Blimey.

Paul: No no, that’s just something that English people say.

Veronica: Actually, you are from Russia.

Paul: Ok, I am Russia. *Turning on Russian accent* Comrade, pass me the ball!

Veronica: No no, play in Arizona.

Paul: I should be from Arizona?

Veronica: No, just play in Arizona.

Paul: But that’s the way that Russian people talk. Even in Arizona.

Veronica: No, Russians don’t talk when they play ball.

Then the USA scored a goal, and shared the point with Russia. Everyone wins!