Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday Wisdom from the Greenes

Despite the oven turning off in the middle of cooking a pot roast, tonight’s dinner went very well. Grape juice, matzo bread and the reading from Holy Thursday helped to make it special for the girls. And even spawned these gems of insightfulness.


Mar 12 2013 024

Veronica: Satan is mean.

Jacinta: I not mean. I share.

Mom: No honey, she said Satan, not Cinta.


Feb 9 2013 098 (2)

Veronica: Can I have some more grape juice? I will pass over my cup. Because it is Passover. That is the other thing it can mean. You pass things over.

Life’s Difficult Questions

Mar 12 2013 069

What do you do with a daredevil 16 month old when Mom needs a bathroom break?

There are two options:

1. Leave said toddler free to roam the house, where she will climb every available surface, open every available drawer and tease every available pet. But at least you will be alone in the bathroom.

2. Bring said toddler into the bathroom with you, where she will try to climb into your lap, pull all the toilet paper off of the roll and take every bottle of soap out from under the sink. But at least you will be able to witness and potentially intervene in any mischief.

So…which path do you follow when nature is calling?

Bonus Option (which I wish I had thought of earlier this morning): Corral said toddler in either a playpen or crib, where there may be lots of shrieking and screaming and other frustrated vocalizations. But at least you can be alone in the bathroom AND feel secure that the garbage hasn’t become a buffet again.

Yep, that’s the one.