Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sleep, Revisited

You may remember a post from a while back about Veronica’s sleeping habits. Whether bedtime or naptime, we have found her in a variety of strange places and positions, and now almost a year later…nothing has changed.


Sleep 17

Around when Veronica turned two, we moved her from the crib into a bed. She had learned how to consistently climb out of the crib, and aside from the fact that it enabled her to continually come out of her room if she didn’t feel like sleeping, it also presented the opportunity for falling accidents. So – goodbye, Crib!


Sleep 16

Of course, with the bed came all new occasions for Paul and I to chuckle as we peeked in on Veronica every night before bed. It’s bigger than the crib, so there’s more room for animals to cuddle with – or fall asleep on – as the need arises.

But perhaps the best new ability gained by sleeping in a bed is the opportunity to fall asleep outside of it.


Sleep 10

So close.


Sleep 6

Not so close.


Sleep 7

Not close at all. In fact, another foot to the left and she would have been out of the room all together.


Sleep 8

Like this, a sight that greeted us early one morning. The morning, in fact, when Paul and I decided we had to start leaving our door open at night. The better to hear you, little girl.

Though Veronica has managed some interesting bedtime antics, the strangest sleeping places of all come not at bed time, but during the day when Veronica just can’t escape fatigue any longer.


Sleep 15

Like with Daddy on the couch.


Sleep 13

Or the floor.


Sleep 14

Whilst reading.


Sleep 12

Or watching a favorite movie.


Sleep 11

I don’t even know how this happens. But this is not the only time it has. Or the only kitchen.

And you know the old adage about how we hurt the ones we love the most? Adage, or song. One of those.


Sleep 1

Well, it’s true. Sorry, Dora.


Sleep 2



Sleep 4

“No, seriously.”


Sleep 5

“Help me.”

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