Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update on Jacinta’s Arm

We took Jacinta to the pediatric orthopedist the other day for a follow up on her right humerus fracture. It’s been 9 months since her last visit, and her right arm seems no different from her left arm. She uses both equally, and there is nothing noticeable on the outside that would indicate it was broken when she was born.

The doctor and physician’s assistant took a few x-rays with their handy, compact, in-office x-ray machine. Can I get a “Whoop whoop!” for not having to go to an imaging center?


March 18 2011 094

(We were given this as a souvenir.)

They said that her bones look beautiful, and they don’t think she’ll have any problems in the future as a result of the fracture. While I was expecting that to be the outcome based on what I’d been observing, it was certainly nice to have that confirmed by the experts.

She’ll follow up just one more time when she is about two and a half years old to make sure that things continue to look fine. Thank goodness for Cactus Pediatric Orthopaedics! And thanks to all who kept our little pixie in prayer while she was healing from her injury.


  1. That's great news. I love that you can see an adult holding down her arm in the x-ray? Is it yours or the technicians?

  2. It was the PA. That's her thumb on the right, and her other hand on the left.