Friday, May 13, 2011

House Lizard

Or, how we almost acquired a new pet.

Tuesday morning I was getting myself and the girls ready and I reached down to the foot of my bed to grab my jeans. They frequently reside there on the floor with a few other select items of clothing that I wear…frequently. I mean, who has time to walk three steps to the closet and hang them up or get them back out again? Not me.

Anyway, I reach down for my jeans and see a thing. On my jeans. Something. Bigger than a bug, but smaller than a mouse.


Lizard 1

A lizard! It was just sitting there on my jeans. I’m not afraid of lizards, but I was kind of at a loss.

How did it get there?

Why was it on my jeans?

How was I going to get it off my jeans?

Would it stay in the house and eat all the bugs, please?

I eventually shooed it away, and it skittered over to the corner behind Jacinta’s crib and claimed this old dress shirt of Paul’s for its own. And it stayed there for over a day. There were several times when I was sure the lizard had died, as it didn’t seem to move much, but no, it was just taking it easy.

We considered letting it live in the house, but food is scarce in our bedroom. The second night of the house lizard we decided to set it free in the backyard where it could find more bugs to eat.


Lizard 2

But first Veronica had to hold it.


Lizard 3 

Of course, she was thrilled. She told us about how the lizard lived in the trees with the birds, and the bees were his friends.

Eventually it was time to set him free. Then time to pick him back up again. Then time for him to climb up Veronica’s shoulder into her hair. Then time to set him free again.


Lizard 4

Fare thee well, house lizard. We will think of you fondly. Especially if you eat all the bugs out there.


Veronica lectures about lizards. Don’t miss the fun at the end.

Here’s a little bit of the lizard fun.

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