Friday, September 2, 2011

The best thing about growing up is…

Today Veronica was asking me where we got some of her clothes from.

Me: We got them from our cousins, Mary Rose, Kaitlyn, Karly and Laina. They got too big for these clothes so they gave them to you. Isn’t that nice?

V: Yes, that is nice. Why did they get too big?

Me: Because kids keep growing until they get as big as mommies and daddies and then they stop.

V: I stopped growing.

Me: No, you are still growing. You will grow until you are as big as me.

V: Then I can drink booze!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! That's like when Phil took Liam to Bevmo and Liam shouted "BEERRUN!" in the car over and over again. Then when he got home, he proudly announced "Mommy! Beer Run!"

    Maybe we should make sure our kids don't go to the same undergrad, lest they get into trouble. Or is it that we need to make sure they go to the same college...?