Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I’ve always loved celebrating Halloween, and this year I decided to add some homemade touches to my Halloween décor.


Halloween 1

First, these Pumpkin Votive Luminaries that I spotted on Dollar Store Crafts.

I picked up the votive holders at the dollar store (appropriately), and they worked great. Next, some Mod Podge, which will continue to be useful for future crafts. The hardest thing to find was the orange tissue paper. Apparently Halloween is not a good time to be looking for orange things.

Once I had everything assembled, the instructions for making the luminaries were really easy to follow. In no time I had my own! Very fun to make, and a great result.


Halloween 2

Next, Trash Bag Spider Webs from How About Orange.

These were also easy to make, and cost absolutely nothing since we already had black trash bags on hand. Though she wasn’t kidding when she said they were slippery, you do have to be cautious when cutting them out. She managed to get hers to hold their shape better, but I think all in all they turned out pretty well.


Halloween 3

I knew when I saw these paper bats from MADE that I just had to make them.

Though the other decorations weren’t hard, this one has all of them beat for simplicity. Just print out a bat template, and go to town on some black construction paper or cardstock. Voila! Bats. I think this turned out to be my favorite new decoration. I love the effect.


Halloween 5

Last, but not least, a family tradition – Fan Ghosts.

I remember these from when I was a kid, they were always one of my favorite decorations. Usually, we made them out of napkins but this year I decided to try white trash bags for the shininess and translucency. I just cut out squares, put a cotton ball in the middle and tied them with string. A little black marker for the face, and done! Then hang them from the fan blades and watch them zoom around the room. It was hard to get a good picture of the action, but they are lots of fun.


Halloween 4

We also had some homemade fun with our costumes, so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures to share when the girls go Trick or Treating tonight. Have a great Halloween!

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