Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Randomness

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Missed last week, but jumping back in today (if a bit on the later side).


Jan 12 2012 012

1. This is what happens when you use candy canes as Christmas tree ornaments.

2. Yes, our tree is still up, why do you ask?


Jan 12 2012 013

3. We tried cornstarch finger paint yesterday. The girls had a lot of fun with it. Here is the recipe we used (though I did cut it in half). It was a little too goopy to keep the pictures hanging around (they never really dried), although I think if I could convince them to spread it out more it would work better. Veronica’s first page was pretty sparse and actually dried to nice, bright colors.

4. The past couple of days I wrote journal entries at 280daily. I wish I could remember where I came across the link, it may have been on Facebook. Anyway, you sum up your day in 280 characters or less. I thought it would be a fun way to document what we do with the girls, and the entries can be saved as a PDF or made into a book so it could be a keepsake someday. Here’s hoping I keep it up!


Grablins? Gooloom? Slag the Terrible?

5. If you have twelve minutes to kill, check out this short Hobbit cartoon, circa 1966. Definitely not true to the story, but kind of fun nonetheless. You can find the history of the cartoon here. H/T CSTM.

6. Sleep deprivation.


Jan 12 2012 005

7. I made these last week. Do you know what they are? Post coming soon! Mmmmmm.

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