Sunday, November 18, 2012

Veronica, Gourmand

Paul and I went on a date last night, thanks to the generous offer from my parents to babysit. On the way to drop the girls off, we were discussing what we would do.

Veronica: Are you going to a restaurant?

Me: Yes! Where do you think we should go?

Veronica: Burger King.

Me: That’s not exactly the kind of restaurant we were planning on. We want something a little nicer.

Veronica: Burger King isn’t nice?

Me: Well, it’s not a nice restaurant for a date. We’re looking for something more fancy.

Veronica: Okay, I have an idea. Pizza Hut.

Me: …

Incidentally, we did not go to Pizza Hut, but to The Original Blue Adobe Grille instead. It’s one of our favorites! When we showed up with our leftover boxes (there are always leftovers, which makes me very happy the next day), Veronica was convinced that we had, indeed, gone to Pizza Hut and was very excited for us to share. Sorry to burst your bubble, honey.

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