Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days

With 12 days left until Christmas, I thought it was time for a couple of Christmas projects. I told the girls that if they did their chores really well this morning, we’d have time to do some fun things in the afternoon. And lo, they cleaned up! An early Christmas miracle.


Dec 13 2012 030-001

This is stage one of our first project. I will have to finish stage two later – when there are less kids jumping around. Can you guess what they are?


Dec 13 2012 023-001

Then, on to cookies! We decided on Gingersnaps today.


Dec 13 2012 024-001

Diligently rolling the dough balls in sugar.


Dec 13 2012 025-001

But ready to pause for a photo-op.


Dec 13 2012 027-001

Or a little goofing off.


Dec 13 2012 028-001

There was a lot of “tasting” throughout the process.


Dec 13 2012 034-001

The finished product! Some of them anyway. It wouldn’t be Christmas baking if we didn’t at least double the recipe, right?

It turned out to be a productive afternoon. Hope your preparations are going well, too!

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