Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Just a glimpse of what we did for Mother's Day:

Paul put this tasty lunch together for us: Tuscan wheat bread, grilled eggplant, garlic-mayo sauce that he whipped up, olive oil, basil, proscuitto, fresh Roma tomatoes and cheese. Yum!

Veronica had cheese and crackers. She hasn't quite developed a taste for the finer things yet.

Hanging out with my girls. It's an honor to be their mother. My parents were out of town, but we crashed their place to make use of the pool. It was a great day for swimming.

I used my mom's kitchen to make some Blueberry Lemonade Biscotti. I left some there to surprise her when they got home today. I also took some home for me.

Then I made a lemon glaze to put on top, because obviously they didn't have enough sugar already.

Hope all the mommies out there had a great Mother's Day! I sure did!

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