Sunday, May 23, 2010

Veronica’s Ventures: Books

From the very beginning, Veronica has really enjoyed reading books.


And sometimes eating them.


But Not the Hippopotamus was one of her very favorites. Still is actually.


This is another favorite: My Goldfish Wish. I don’t even remember where we got this one, but Veronica loves it. “Mommy, you interrupted me when I was getting to the good part!”


“I wish a fish could be my pet…”

Of course, it doesn’t sound quite like that when she says it.


And who could forget Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?


“BOOM BOOM BOOM!” She always cracks up at that part.


I think most kids probably like to read books and have books read to them. And for a mom, there’s nothing quite like reading a book with a sweet, cuddly, smiley little girl.


And the older she gets, the more she likes to point things out and interact with the pictures. Someday she’ll be reading the words herself.


Not every adult likes to read though. Some kids just grow out of it I guess.I hope Veronica doesn’t.

‘Cuz there’s nothing quite like a good book.

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