Tuesday, November 9, 2010

“Cost-uhm” Fun

Ever since her birthday, when he was given to her as a gift by her cousins, Lion has been Veronica’s best friend.


Costume 10

They are inseparable. He goes where she goes. And while she sleeps with most of her stuffed animals, Lion gets the place of honor at her side.

So, naturally, we figured a lion would be a great costume choice for Halloween.


Costume 9

Veronica wasn’t too sure at first. It took some coaxing to get her into the “cost-uhm”.


Costume 8

Then we couldn’t get her back out of it.

She wore it often in the couple of weeks leading up to Halloween.


Costume 1

Finally the night arrived.

Sporting Veronica’s old ladybug costume, even Jacinta was impressed.


Costume 2

Or not.


Costume 4

Trick-or-treating was a big success. Veronica brought Lion with her, of course. They were a hit at every door.


Costume 7

And she did enjoy her treats. Before Mom and Dad swooped in and put them away out of reach. We believe in treat regulation.

Now the only question is…how can we top this next year?

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