Monday, January 3, 2011

A List

Christmas 2

1. I had intended to write all sorts of witty holiday posts leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. But time got the better of me. A lot. So I didn’t.


List 1

2. This is one reason for my busy-ness. Oh, and making the horse kept me busy, too.


List 2

3. I made one for Jacinta, but I don’t expect her to ride it for at least another month or so.


List 3

4. Aren’t they sweet?


List 4

5. Veronica got sick the day after Christmas. At first we thought it was because she found a step stool in my mom’s kitchen and kept using it to sneak cookies and chocolates off of the dessert tray, but she really did have a little something. It didn’t last long. Longer than her guilt over stealing treats, though.


List 5

6. We went on a little trip. More on that later.


List 6

7. Aren’t they sweet?

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