Tuesday, January 11, 2011

San Francisco

SF 8

After Christmas we drove out to Northern California to visit some of my family.


SF 1

We decided to take BART into San Francisco one day.


SF 2

It was cold, and apparently the previous passenger needed a little something to keep warm.

It was empty. I think.


SF 3

We wanted to take the cable car down to the wharf, but the line to get on was soooo long. Apparently they had been broken down earlier and had just started running again.

So we decided to walk.


SF 4

We were going to try to catch a cable car further down the line, but they were all full, of course.

So we kept walking.


SF 5

And walking.


SF 6

And walking.


SF 7

Finally, our goal is in sight!


SF 9

Hello, crooked Lombard Street. Almost there.


SF 11

Fisherman’s Wharf! We made it.


SF 12

It smelled like this.


SF 10

Veronica liked this lion sculpture that was guarding one of the shops.


SF 13

There’s Alcatraz off in the distance.


SF 14

I didn’t want to pose in the sign, so I made Peter do it instead.


SF 16

The Christmas tree on Pier 39.


SF 17

This is where we used to eat with my grandma when we would come to the city with her. I miss you, Grandma!


SF 18

This carousel had little scenes from around the city painted along the top.


SF 19

Snuggling to keep warm.


SF 20

Cold, but happy.


SF 21

Most of the sea lions were on vacation, I guess. I don’t blame them.


SF 23

It’s hard to eat crackers when you are wearing mittens. Veronica can attest to that.


SF 24

Some of the piers are not in as good repair.


SF 25

Finally it was time to stop for dinner. Seafood, of course.


SF 26

Jacinta took the opportunity for a nap. She was wiped out.


SF 28

But Veronica was still going strong.

“Don’t go in the street! You must hold my hand.”

“Okay, because there are lots of cars.”

It’s a conversation she’s had a few times before.


SF 27

We spotted this out the window. Nice! I would totally name my yacht Sméagol.

Or maybe Gollum.

Of course, to do that, I would have to own a yacht.


SF 29

I liked this sign.


SF 30

And this one.


SF 31

But especially this one. Mmmmmmm.


SF 32

Veronica was so tired, she missed out on the hot chocolate. Boy, did that hit the spot.

Especially while we waited in the cold wind for the cable car back to BART.


SF 33

A fun, but exhausting day.


SF 34

Though Jacinta is never too tired to eat a camera strap.

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