Thursday, March 8, 2012

29 Forever

It was my birthday on Monday! I have finally reached that point where I will no longer have to remember my age. If someone asks, I can just answer 29…forever!


Mar 7 2012 078

With dinner there was this yummy margarita that Paul made with fresh lime, orange simple syrup and a touch of maraschino cherry juice. Yum!


Mar 7 2012 079

I got to use the red Special Occasion plate that we got for Christmas from the other local Greenes. Yay!


Mar 7 2012 087

Though it didn’t keep my burrito from falling apart. Part overfilling, and part crispy tortilla. Homemade tortillas take practice. How much practice remains to be seen.


Mar 7 2012 082

Paul had to fold his in half. It wouldn’t roll.


Mar 7 2012 086

The messes were not confined to just our plates, unfortunately.


Mar 7 2012 092

But despite that, it was a tasty dinner with the best company.


Mar 7 2012 099

Happy Birthday to Me!

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