Wednesday, April 18, 2012


All three girls have had the same infant hair (albeit in different shades).


Nov 4 018

This is Veronica at about three and a half months. See how it does that sweep to the right? Her right. Your left.


Jan 4 004

And again at about five months. Still doing the sweep.

On another note, have you ever seen a chubbier chubbikins? I thought not.


Sept 7 2010 078

Jacinta at about five months. Although a couple strands escaped downward, it still goes mostly to the right.


Oct 1 2010 056

Here, at six months, you can see it is clearly sweeping.

“Mmmmmm, these fingers taste great!”


Apr 16 2012 031

Which brings us to Ariadne. Or Ariad, as Veronica likes to call her.

True to form, she has the rightward sweep going on. I don’t fight it. After a bath, I just comb things they way they want to go.

But the other day I wanted to try something different. Something…radical.


Apr 16 2012 035

What happens when you make right-sweeping hair go left?


Apr 16 2012 060

Bump it!


Apr 16 2012 064

Ariadne’s got her style on.

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